The cast collection is cast from totally recycled aluminium and smelted to remove all impurities before casting by sand. Due to the gravity pour and sand casting process the frames of these products are totally solid without any cavities. Aluminium can be extruded into pipes and tubes and has a great strength to weight ratio in this format, however in this indoor / outdoor series I really wanted to maintain the massive nature of the poured and cast process. These pieces are solid, durable and will NOT blow away in a storm. I want them to be pieces that you can dig up in a field in 500 years and the frame would still be intact.

A. We recommend that the metal frames and teak wood slats are washed with fresh water without chemical or abrasives once a month or so and to keep in a shaded area or bring inside during the harshest months of the year. The teak is untreated and will turn a silver grey over time, this is totally normal and the zinc grey patina of the frame has been chosen to sympathise with this ageing process too.

Our black leather is a custom deep noir black leather that we developed to maintain the natural semi aniline look whilst maintaining a deep black tone. It is made from very hardy Buffalo hide that also boasts a durable waxy finish with a cloud crunch effect (slight patina). Its natural tumbled texture means it will age very well during use and over time.

The chocolate brown leather is a slightly more supple and soft cow leather. Also durable but offering a slight different texture and colourway.


A. I grew up in a house full of things and each piece was like a “touchstone” to the past, my father and mother could tell stories about each and every item and how it related to various people, ancestors and relatives. I liked this connection through tangible things to historic moments or people from years ago and how they can keep certain memories alive. They offer a strong sense of identity. Good, timeless design I believe should not be designed for the trend, but rather strive to create the best output that acknowledges where we’ve come as a sign of identity with a fresh approach to also have a voice of today also. I see furniture almost as architectural pieces for the interior, only the public and individuals are the city planners and hold all the planning permission on what they bring into their personal space and habitat. It’s a privilege to be a custodian of the present moment of design when customers relate and choose my works.

A. It’s hard to choose any one as that’s like trying to pick a favourite child! They are all important for various reasons and each design is a consequence of what has gone before and influences the next round of developments. In that way the most interesting is often the current design at any given time – the joy for the maker is in the making.

A. I am British, born and bread, although I have been living and traveling much of the world since I graduated in 2003 from a 3Dimensional Design Degree. I have been living in and out of Vietnam since 2004.


Our customers are the ones that want something unique designed, handmade and exclusive. So our furniture will make an impact in your personal home, to your restaurant or hotel.

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Upon delivery of items, you must check and sign for them, within 24 hours if possible.

If something is damed in any way, this must be noted on the delivery and be signed for as such.

Please notify us with details within 14 days from the date of delivery.

Absolutely – all of our products include a minimum 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

When getting in touch, please provide the date of purchase, sales invoice number and contact information (including your address and a telephone number).

Describe the issue in detail and email us photographs of the issue to help us ascertain the problem and allow us to rectify any issues in the optimum way (the warranty does not cover accidental damage).